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Photographs that will rekindle your faith in humanity

<![CDATA[With so many terrible things and events happening around every day, it is pretty normal to lose faith in humanity. However, not everybody is inhumane and indifferent towards people. Here are some pictures that are loaded with kindness, and certainly, they will rekindle your thoughts and the feelings of humanity in your heart:

We have power…

Superstorm Sandy managed to shake the pillars of security and safety in the Northeastern United States for quite some time, but it could not manage to take away kindness and humanity from the hearts of people. You can look well in this picture how some people are up to help others by offering charging points so that affected people could charge their phones and convey their safe conditions to their loved ones and relatives.

The brave bystanders

They could have ignored and avoided the situation for their own safety, but they did not. The onlookers jumped to the scene, braved the flames and pulled the unconscious man they did not know out of the car.

The kind fire fighter

With the raging fire around in an Australian forest, this brave and a truly kind fire fighter cared to stop and made the dehydrated koala drink water. God bless him!

The awesome Subway

A signboard outside a Subway restaurant reads – free meal to homeless people every Friday. A very kind initiative.

This is real empathy

A pet owner takes his dog and swims with him in extremely cold water just to bring some moments of ease from pain to his dog who suffers from arthritis. The dog is old and hardly any treatment could be given to him, so the owner takes him to the Lake Superior everyday, and swim for one hour, as the cold water provides temporary relief to his dearly loved dog.

Friendship that stood test of time

In times when people have become so selfish and indifferent towards other human beings, to see such a thing is remarkable. A boy carrying his puppy on his head through a flooded street, ensuring his puppy is safe while risking his own life.

Humanity above all (competition)

A beautiful moment when an Ohio athlete let go of the competition and stopped running just to help her fellow contestant who hurt herself during the race.]]>


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