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People on Internet whom public hates the most


Proprietor of an Infidelity Website – Noel Biderman: He is the founder and CEO of “Ashley Madison.” A site sells infidelity; it offers a chance to married people to cheat on their partner. With its inception in 2001, the site has been a big success. Biderman has earned a lot of money with his online dating website but at the expense of wrecked families, ruined marriages, and broken hearts. Biderman has received life threats also from people and groups who find him and his site to be obnoxious.

v3-Melissa Bachman dead lion

TV presenter who posted the photo of a dead lion hunted by her – Melissa Bachman: She is a TV presenter and a hunter. The ruckus started with an upload of a photograph portraying her sitting on the back of a dead lion on her Twitter account. Public and the people for animals started harassing Melissa for such a horrible task done by her.


The man behind a website that posts naked pictures of old flames – Hunter Moore: Publishing pornographic pictures of men and women was Hunter Moore’s business plan, which made him rich. He would encourage visitors to his website – and ask them to submit the naked photographs of their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend in order to take revenge.


Woman who filmed herself while insulting coffeehouse employees – Taylor Chapman: In June 2013, Chapman walked into Dunkin’ Donuts with her phone in hand to record a complaint regarding not being provided a receipt for a previous purchase. She was absolutely out of her mind and made derogatory remarks and racial insult of the African, American and Arab employees. She even used abusive words like cunt and bitch for the female workers. She uploaded the video on a social site hoping to get hits, but to her dismay, she became the most hated woman on internet.


Mom and son who stuffed their puppy in a plastic bag – Mary Snell and Britton Engel: In order to keep the puppy still for a photo, they put it in a plastic bag and then posted the photograph on Facebook. The animal lovers noticed and took this issue to the police officials, thus, the mom and son became one of the most hated people on internet. Summary: This list is only a trailer of the world of people who engaged in tasks that made them the most hated people on Internet.]]>


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