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How to deal with overprotective parents

True or not, but parents tend to become overprotective due to several reasons that could at times, go unexplainable as well. As a teenager, you just need to acknowledge that parents operate from the place of love and they always have good intentions for you, irrespective of the fact that you talk to them or not. You need to be thoughtful of them as managing overprotective parents could be quite tricky at times.

Why do parents become overprotective?

Teenage is definitely a vulnerable age, and the very thought of their ‘little ones’ to be exposed to the malice outside, scares them. In fact, at times they become overprotective if they don’t trust their children or the world (well, it could be both at times).

Dealing with overprotective parents

Communication is the key to any relationship. It is an integral part of bonding that could get affected, if timing and context of the conversation is not checked. Although, communication is the quintessence of any relationship, it has its own limitations and areas of concern. As a child, you need to understand the reason for your parents being overprotective and deal with the situation accordingly.

1. Know your parents’ weaknesses

If you find that your parents don’t trust you, instead of reacting on it, simply try to follow some rules that your parents have set for you for a few days, and see how it works for you both.

2. Act responsibly

If your parents treat you like a kid, you need to act responsibly by taking care of your stuff. Behave with your siblings and treating everyone with due respect. It would help your parents understand that they need not be overprotective about you, since you can take care of things yourself properly.

3. Talk to them

If you think that your parents are being overprotective in some areas where pulling up the string is not that required, you can always speak to them about it. Nonetheless, you need to watch your words before you speak, as even a slight ulterior motive in your voice could make them feel right on their behaving in overprotective manner. Talk things out to them in a calm and composed manner and make them understand what you missed on, when your friend were able to enjoy it.

4. Build trust

Parents do not stop being overprotective overnight. It takes some time before they stop budging you every time.Try to speak truth to your parents under any circumstance as it could be disappointing for you both, once they find out by themselves. In addition, you can always convince your parents that you can work things on your own without being supervised. If you are able to do that to your parents by asking them to allow you to work unsupervised for a while, you can sublimely build trust in them.

5. Family therapy

If your parents seem to be distrustful towards you, and nothing works for you, a family therapy might help. You can ask another adult’s help to make your parents realize that how being overprotective can affect you as an individual. A family meeting, where you can put up your case could help you in voicing your opinion as to what you consider best for yourself.

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