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Guitar Table

From the rhythm of our heart beat which sounds like a bongo, to the hiss of our breath like a note on a flute, Music is the all-pervading essence of life! Life essentially begins at home – the sacred haven where man finds both refuge and solace from the day’s grind. Naturally, a man seeks the best comfort at home, only if it is to his taste. And if the taste is musical, then why not turn your home into a musical melody? Imagine lounging in a drum or horn shaped divan, dining on a marimba-shaped table and reclining on a piano-shaped bed. Wouldn’t that be relaxation in a rhapsody? So, behold these musical pieces of furniture – a symphony in wood to seduce your senses and relax your soul.

1. Coffee with Marimba: A coffee table that looks like a marimba and one which you can actually play on. Isn’t that a treat? Tor Clausen , of Portland ,Oregon has created a renaissance with his enterprise called Musical Furnishings. With Marimba Mallets and songbook to help you get started, you can wine and dine with your own music. The prices range from $300 to around $1300. Hand-made by this designer, these exclusive pieces are a collector’s item.

2. A Guitar Table that haunts you with its looks: Designed like a guitar and functional as a table, this Guitar Table wonder with its markings like an Ouija Board and can surely enliven your living room and enthrall the guests. This unique fusion of the occult, music and design, crafted by Nicholas Holcomb, is truly an eye-catcher and a heart-stopper. This Guitar Table surely is a conversation piece that will haunt you with its looks.

3. A Musical Rumba Table – A Table that mumbles and jumbles: Why opt for a plain coffee table when you can go in for a personal drum table? Give vent to your creative instinct, design your own personal durable drum table using interchangeable percussion inserts. Create your percussion instrument choosing from an array of musical tools like Bells, Bongos, Chimes, Cymbals and Tambourines. Choose from four different sized tables to suit your musical and space needs. The smallest table accepts four of the smaller instruments and the largest accepts sixteen. Crafted by Tor Clausen at his Olympia Studio in Washington, this Musical Rumba-Table is functional as a tea-table and as a music tool as well.

4. Sing with a Swing: Yet another masterpiece from Tor Clausen, this melodic outdoor porch swing is ideal for the musically inclined day dreamer. Crafted from Western Red Cedar, this roomy musical bench-swing actually plays to Tune C. Cozy and comfortable, this sturdy swing is a must for every patio or garden. What more to ask from a lounger that acts like a xylophone.

5. Trendy Touches to Musical Furniture – A Cushy Speaker Console: A cushy speaker console and flip lounger to lure the trendy music-lover in you. Featuring a modular set-up, the sleek console comes outfitted with stereo-quality speakers and sub-woofers and can be rearranged to suit your style and space. The compact console has stereo-quality speakers and sub-woofers. Provided with audio controls and an i-Pod jack beneath a sliding panel, the console also has two cup-holders and a storage cubby. This cushy console comes at a cost of $399.

6. The Rockin’ Flip Lounger: It is a comfy recliner that fills you with music with its sturdy speakers and helps you to connect your i-Pod, laptop or gaming system with an input jack. With thick cushion covered in soft 100% polyester faux suede and backrest levels with multiple-locking facility, the Flip Lounger, priced at $369, is ideal for your craving for comfort.

7. Feast for Music: Framed by Fugiami Goto, this Feast for Music comes as a table for the family to feed and heed to music. The table is spaciously built like a marimba and gives lilting notes when struck. This feast will truly seduce your senses with its design and soothe your soul with its music.

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