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Most weird/unique/strange pets in the world

Pets hold a place of great importance in our lives and have become an integral part of it. They have been our companion since our origin and evolution. Not only are they great mood boosters but also are important in improving human well being. This article contains some the world’s most weird, unique and strange pets. a96811_a506_giraffes The Rothschild Giraffe who shares the family dining table: The Carr-Hartley family is unique in that it shares its home with eight Rothschild giraffes, which are now very rare to find on the planet. This place is actually near a 140-acre estate near Mount Kilimanjaro where these animals roam freely and frequently visit this colonial area. The Giraffes headed by the 13-year-old Giraffe Lynne, find their way to the morning breakfast tables of the family every morning at about 9 am. The owners Tanya and Mikey Carr-Hartley know all the Giraffes by their names. a96811_a506_turtle The nameless double headed turtle: This one of its kind animal was once the official amulet of Sean Casey’s Animal Rescue in Kensington. Kasey got the rare turtle from a man and took care of it till it resumed its health. The turtle was then moved to Kasey’s pet store tank where the animal was hand fed so as to avoid the heads fighting for a piece of food. 9-Most-unusual-pets-royal-goat The parade royal goat: This goat perfectly resembles a proud old soldier from every inch of his body from his groomed whiskers to his shining head plate. Lance Corporal William Windsor was the mascot of the former Royal Welsh Regiment and has traveled many places overseas, meeting the royal people and attending the royal parade. Nicknamed Billy the Goat, the animal was spent his retirement at a zoo with full enthusiasm in honor of his service to the first Battalion the Royal Welsh. a96811_a506_capybara3 Caplin Rous – the needy Capybara: This giant hamster pet is the proud belonging of Melanie Typaldos who is very fond of him. The name Caplin has been taken from the Rodents of Unusual Size from the Princess Bride. The pet is so fond of his owner that he follows her at all the places and when she is out, he eagerly waits for her to return. Melanie finds Caplin very needy and truly caring. Jessica-the-hippo-1 Jessica: the giant Hippopotamus: This hippopotamus was washed up by flood to land at the riverside house lawn of a game ranger, Tonie Joubert. The Hippo’s condition was not good and so the ranger took care of her and the Hippo resumed its health growing to a size of three quarters of a ton. Many attempts of Jessica’s rehabilitation to her original habitat have been in vain since she is too comfortable with Tonie and his wife wandering around the house and eating. Nick Boing with David Palmer Nick Boing – the lamb who could not adapt with other sheep: Interesting as it sounds, Nick was found by the Palmer family during their visit to the Goldcliff Nature Reserve. The lamb kept following the family until they decided to bring it to their home. Despite of several efforts the lamb is reluctant to join with other sheep of his own kind and stays with the Palmer family sitting or watching TV. Summary: Here are some of the most incredible pets that have now become an important part of the lives of their owners.]]>


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