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Most innovative green concepts for future homes

Eco-friendly technology is the order of the day. Human activities have polluted the world beyond repair but we can still keep it livable by utilizing the power of green technology. Green technologies use renewable energy sources and make energy from natural resources like sun light, wind, and waterfalls. They help in stopping and curbing the wastage of available space, energy, and natural resources.

Scientists and technologists are developing newer and better green concepts with the hope of making our lifestyle more sustainable and securing the future of our next generations. In the following, you will find out all about five of the most amazing green concepts.

Light, Time and Us concept:

Shaped like an hourglass, this device will help you save a big amount on electricity bills. During the day place it in a sunny spot and let it accumulate the energy of the sun. After darkness falls, turn the hourglass upside down so that it lights up your rooms. The solar panels on one end have photo sensors and help in illuminating the other end when turned downwards. If the device is completely charged then it will be able to power 12 LED lights for more than eight hours.

Laundry POD:

The laundry POD is a sleek and neat device that helps you wash your luxury clothing gently without wasting too much water. Many women use salad spinners for cleaning their costly clothes. The POD also uses spinners for removing dirt and stains from clothes and after washing removes water from them.

Compost All:

If you are into gardening and recycling then you will absolutely love the Compost All device. It is attached with your sink. It composts all the food waste that would otherwise go straight to the municipal waste canal through the sink. The compost is kept inside a container under the sink. When the container is full, it activates an alert light.


Solar panels have been combined with Venetian blinds for providing light in the night. During the day, the flexible solar cells consume and convert solar energy and store it.

Move Your Energy:

Move Your Energy is nothing but a comfortable rocking chair, which also produces energy. It converts your rocking movements into energy for powering the LED lamp attached with it.


The green concepts are innovative and fun. They can help in reducing energy bills and keeping your surrounding environment clean.


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