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Most incredible haunted objects to tickle your imagination

robert-the-doll_creepyHaunted DollsHaunted dolls came into limelight in the 1970s when a woman bought a large Raggedy-Anne doll as a present for her daughter’s birthday from a toy store. It began the unpleasant activities of the possessed objects. The antics of Annabelle, the haunted doll was pretty terrifying to be locked inside a protective glass in an occult museum. Robert is also a haunted doll.Haunted MirrorThe haunted mirror was found at the Myrtles Plantation situated deep in Louisiana’s’ legendary Voodoo country. Many ghost photos have been taken in the mirror. Many people proclaim to see ghostly images in the mirror. This haunted mirror has been displaying faces, apparitions and ghostly impressions since it has been brought from an antique shop in Orleans. It is believed to be from France originally. Many opine that the mirror is possessed by the lost souls of the very haunted Plantations original owners and dead slaves.Screaming SkullsThe screaming skull is present in the Higher Farm. The skull is believed to be of Theophilus Broome, who died in 1670. Before his death, he has instructed to place his skull in the farmhouse and he had warned that attempt to remove the skull will result in unpleasant activities.Haunted ChairThe haunted chair is present in Aida, Oklahoma. It moves on its own and makes the sitter feel a cold chill. It is believed that the chair is haunted by the one who owned it and died siting on it.It is also believed that whoever has sat on the chair has got a very bad news the next day. Though many tried sitting on the chair, they remained unsuccessful. The chair starts shaking and vibrating on its own and gives an experience of nausea to the sitter. Eventually, some energy throws them out of the chair.Haunted PaintingsThere are many paintings that are believed to be haunted. People proclaim that the characters in the painting tend to move at night. They even leave the portrait and enter the rooms. The haunted paintings include Hands Resist Him and Delphine Lalaurie Haunted Portrait.]]>


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