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Most amazing racing circuits in the world

Belgium circuit This circuit is amidst the oldest and one of the hardest racing circuits in the world. This circuit hosts a number of races throughout the year. F1 drivers love to drive ion this track as it tests their skills to the optimum level.  The circuit also hosts a number of GT races apart from formula one race. Belgium circuit is more than a century old but still offers the best racing experience to drivers and viewers. Some of the most epic races have been hosted at this circuit. The length of the circuit is approximately 14 kilometers making it one of the longest tracks in the world. The list of best circuits Germans are known for making some of the best automobile and their race tracks offer the same experience. just like the Belgium circuit, the track also has a rich history. The German circuit is approximately 22 kilometers long with high end curves. It offers the best experience in terms of racing. Viewers and racing drivers undergo optimum chill during the race. The natural fauna surrounding the circuit offers the best view which makes is even more luring. This race track is open for all racers. You just have to shell out 26 pounds for lap on this beautiful circuit. German circuit also hosts a number of formula one races with its 4.5 kilometers long track. This track is also considered to be one of the safest tracks in the world as it inculcates high end security features for the drivers. Mount panorama racing circuit  With a flurry of natural surroundings, this Australian track is one of the most beautiful racing circuits in the world. This track hosts a number of races throughout the year. It is also amidst the most dangerous tracks in the world. The racing circuit is built along the valley which offers a thrilling experience to the viewers. Drivers are also very cautious while driving on this track as a simple mistake might end up in a fatal accident. The major parts of this track are very tight and drivers have to start slowly as compared to the other tracks. The panorama track test the driving skills of every driver since the driving becomes much harder in the later stages of the race. Monte Carlo Monte Carlo racing circuit is the heaven for racing drivers and viewers. It is the most popular racing tracks in the world offering the best views and highly tactile circuit lanes. This circuit has served as a prime location for some premier movies. The track is more than 100 years old and hosted a number of formula one races. This track is quite congested as compared to other formula one track. But without any doubt, it is the most beautiful track in the world. A large number of racing drivers feel that this circuit is hardest to break on since the window of opportunities is limited. With some highly sharp turns, this track turns dangerous in the later stages. But this is what the viewers want- a sensational experience.




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