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Most amazing pictures of death Massacre: The remains of dead bodies of victims, killed brutally in a massacre in 1480, are kept in the Ossuary Chapel of Otranto Cathedral in Italy. These remains are kept on a high altar, decorated with golden candlesticks on both sides. Most famous amongst the victims was Antonio Primaldo who lost his head in the battle with Turks. As soon as he lost his head, he stood upright and remained in the same position until his last companion was killed. He was more stubborn than an ox. 190459 San Martino: San Martino is an Ossuary Chapel in Italy. It contains the remains of 2,169 recently died people with 1,274 skulls. It is arranged in a highly organized manner, with skulls put in proper rows and columns. The arrangement resembles a library of strange and horrible books. StHilaireCE St. Hilaire Cemetery: It is the most unrealistic collection of bones and is situated at Marville, in France. It is a simple and beautiful cemetery. Here the skulls are preserved in small cabinets that have funeral inscriptions inscribed on them. 1848-168582 Painted Skulls: The painted skulls are found in the Chapel of St. Michael, Hallstatt, Austria. It is amazing as all the skulls are of male members. This is because these skulls of men were painted by their women who lived more than the men did. Unfortunately, when the women died their dead bodies were with their children who did not carried on the process further. Sedlec_Ossuary_chandelier Sedlec Ossuary: The Sedlec Ossuary is the Ossuary of all Saints. It is located in Czek republic. It is one of the most talked about bone houses in the world. Here the bones are not merely kept but are used as an extravagant deadly decoration item. The most striking feature of the Ossuary is the huge chandelier, which is made entirely out of human bones. Summary: For those who want to go on a macabre tour and are not frightened, these incredible images taken from Ossuaries and Charnel Houses from around the world may seem quite informative and amazing.]]>

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