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Low-budget designer bedrooms

5908726914_954bbcbd0e_z Low-budget designer bedrooms Bedrooms are our safe havens where we retire for the night and relax after a hard day. You need the perfect bedroom to give you a relaxed and comfortable sleep in order to reduce the stress of the day and wake up rejuvenated the next morning. If you have always wanted a beautiful bedroom which is designer-like but do not want to burn a hole in your pockets, fear not for you can be your own designer. Check out these steals and make your current bedroom drip with luxury. 2504382967_7b65e416ee_z

  • A lot of pillows – Get a number of soft pillows on your bed and do not hesitate to mix a lot of interesting patterns like floral, geometric and abstract. Bring in a combination of all the right color on the covers and create a comfortable feel about the whole room, so essential when it comes to bedrooms.
  • A comfortable bed – The most important thing in a bedroom. Get a comfortable bed and use covers, own comforters and soft eiderdowns to give the bedroom a luxury comfortable feel.
  • Wall art – The walls play an important part in aesthetics and creating a designer feel about any room. Hang up a quilt atop the headboard preferably in a graphic design. Complement the wall by providing matching linens.
  • se patterns to your advantage – Printed bedspreads in fabulous designs like nature-inpired botanical motifs will certainly steal the show because of the pleasing and beautiful designs on them . The bed being the focal point of the bedroom , it is a must to get bedspreads in amaing designs and colors.
  • Accessories – The bedside lamp can work as a piece of art when you put it to good use. Do not reserve stripes and interesting prints just for your sheets, spreads and curtains. Using an interesting lampshade will be just as interesting and arresting as any other piece of work in the room. Nighstands and adjustable lamps look equally good if you want the overall look to be more modern and chic.
  • Consistency in decoration – Perhaps the most important factor to consider is everything that you put in your bedroom should be a perfect blend. You can mix of course but do make sure they match as well.


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