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Look Cool and stay Healthy with the top 5 most expensive sneakers

Nike Air Zoom Kobe I Nike Air Zoom Kobe I   Autographed by Kobe Bryant and lasered with a different colorway and city on the back, this pair of shoes is quite the buy this season. Brought to you from the highly reliable and stylish brand of Nike, you may want to hurry up if you like and want to possess these shoes as this limited addition has only 25 pairs to its credit. The pair comes in a wooden box and has been inculcated with the Air Zoom technology, which helps to keep odor at bay and your feet in a good shape. Grab them folks, if you really want to set a style statement. Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Nike Dunk Low Pro SB The next pair of shoes, which made to this list, comes again from the house of Nike. Featuring the work of the French artist Bernard Buffet, this unique set of shoes is limited and getting quite popular amongst folks in present times. These shoes were released as a special colorway range for a Parisian art exhibition called ‘White Dunk: Evolution of an Icon.’ However, on the pricey side of the scale, the shoes are awesome and will help you to set something new and unique this summer. Only 202 pairs have been released so far and are selling pretty much like hot cakes. Also, do not forget, you will never cease to be busy, just as the hip-hop style will never cease to be stylish! Nike Dunk High Pro SB Nike Dunk High Pro SB Yes people, maybe I have the ‘Nike Effect’, but who can blame me? On the other hand, for that matter the several thousand all over the world who think the same? This particular set has seen worldwide release and only a mere 24 have been put into the market so far. Needless to say that these dunks from Nike are comfortable as well as very stylish. Moreover, each pair comes with an extra pair of laces, making them even more tempting. Mostly launched in several colors, these shoes come in a unique box along with several other accessories like a care kit. Grab it homies! Adidas Superstar- 35th Anniversary Special Adidas Superstar- 35th Anniversary Special Snopp Dogg or not, Eminem or not, you have a full right to look every bit like a superstar and feel like one when you wear this pair of shoes. Brought to your from the trusted and amazing brand of Adidas, only 300 have been manufactured and launched so far, and if reports are to be believed, no more might hit the market. So, grab your pair today and get to experience a unique pair of shoes what with the vintage leather upper half, and the sophisticated and smooth appearance, which can come only with the color white. Another special feature, which the shoes come with, is a full-blown shoe care tool kit, complete with shoes trees, shoe horns, polish et cetera. Nike Dunk Low SB Nike Dunk Low SB Yes, ladies and gentlemen, back to Nike again and this pair of collectibles has only been seen while shopping for them online. Rumor has it that this was designed exclusively for LeBron James and his homie folks, However, some seem to have made it to the sales counter, what with only 24 pairs which ever manufactured. Seek and grab them soon because they are good.  ]]>

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