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Loft designs for small spaces

3406950589_9a980e3e8e_z Loft designs for small spaces With just a little bit of creativity thrown in, you can convert the small space lying unused and unutilized atop any room a loft. Check out these tips when you set your mind on creating a loft in your home or apartment which is a little shy of space.

  • Plan – Find out how much of space you exactly have that you can turn into a loft. Accordingly, plan what you would want to do out of the loft. Do you want it to be a bedroom of sorts or a reading room to serve as a retreat? Open spaces are the first and foremost necessity when it comes to creating a loft so make sure you have it otherwise your apartment can look more cramped than it actually is.
  • Get moving – After you are done planning what you want out of the loft, prepare a list of things by making measurements of the items you would be needing in the loft. If you need a bed or just a sofa , note down which areas these items of furniture will be filling .
  • Smart furniture – With a small space, you have to be careful creating anything so that it would not make the space feel like a suffocated area. Get multipurpose furniture to do the trick for you and create as less clutter as possible by items of furniture that doubles up as storage areas as well. Whether it is your bed or the seating, make sure you have enough space to store things in them. Do not get bulky furniture which are only beautiful. They will just end up taking up a lot of space and swallow the space.
  • Divide well – When you create the loft in a small space, the partitions which you put up should be such that they do not completely cut you out of the rest of the room . Instead of making you feel cozy and intimate, it will most likely make you feel like you are suffocated. To avoid this, get railings or glass so that it feels like the loft is just an extension of the rest of the room.


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