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Know when to replace your toilet and how to do it

Toilet-replacement First, you have to find out if replacing the toilet is essential. In some scenarios, replacing the toilet becomes necessary. Sometimes we fail to recognize minor toilet leaks. Water can leak from the tank of the toilet or the bowl itself but detecting it is not easy. The water leaking from the toilet can even damage the floor of your bathroom and start dripping from the ceiling of rooms below it. Leaking toilets increase your water bills and cause more damage than we can imagine. If your toilet is old then you should repair it instead of just repairing the leak. DPB103_toilet-replacement_01_s4x3_lg The toilets made after 1990 do not use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush but those made in the 1980s use up to 7 gallons of water whenever you use the flush. If you are stuck with the old-fashioned toilets that are not capable of using water efficiently then you should change them for good. The color of your old-fashioned toilet may not match the present décor. Your guests will be horrified when they see the unseemly avocado green or flamingo pink toilet in your bathrooms. Replace your old toilets with neutral colored toilets that will look fashionable for many years to come. Broken flush handle or other parts also make it necessary that you change the toilet. 41Mifc-u65L._AA500_ Before you start replacing the toilet, take measurements of the area. Purchase the right size of toilet for your bathroom as bigger ones will not fit the space between wall and drainpipe. Drain the toilet bowl and tank and soak remaining traces of water before you fix it in place. During the replacement of the toilet, you should keep a sponge handy for drying excess water. Clean the drainpipe regularly and check for blockage before you start assembling the new toilet. Summary: Replacing the old toilet becomes essential at times. If your toilet is leaking due to damage or any other problem, then replacing it is the best idea.]]>


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