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Know the water before you take a dip

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In summer most of the people think about spending their time wading in the water. Those who lie on beach taking precautions against sun like applying sunscreen lotion and seeking refuge under umbrella hardly think about how hygienic the water is. When you return home, you can find out what those splashes in murky waters did to your precious skin. Many beaches in America are seriously polluted and bathing or playing in it is not good for your health.

Very recently, in New Jersey two miles of beach was closed due to a broken pipe in Asbury Park sewage treatment plant, which let the partially treated sewage to flow into the water. The storm water that flows into beaches and careless attitude of the crowd are other factors that raise the risk. A 2006 report, ‘Testing the Waters” by a national nonprofit organization reveals a shocking truth that 200 beaches in 24 states are contaminated with human and animal waste. The very proof is the high presence of enterococci and E. coli in the water. It goes beyond the health standards that brought by the federal Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Act of 2000 by 25 percent. Swimming or playing in such polluted waters invites diseases like gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, pink eye, ear infections and skin rashes. Children are more likely to get these diseases and its effect can be worse among pregnant women, cancer patients and people with low immunity.

According to the NRDC, beaches that are contaminated by sewage in 2005 are Malibu Beach in California, 10 beaches in Hawaii and Princess Beach in the Virgin Islands. The states that have polluted beaches are Rhode Island, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts and Georgia. Now you know what you need to be careful of while choosing a beach for your vacation.

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