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Is Pink the new black? A take on pink, the non-girly way

Fashion truly can be unpredictable. There are really  no set rules you see. It would be right to say that fashion changes the way our weather does. There are really no rules to weather and fashion, both of them can change any moment and they can be really really unpredictable. In today’s age the line of difference between men and women fashion is slowly and gradually diminishing. Otherwise, pink that was per-dominantly considered a girls roost would not have gained so much popularity among boys and men. Pink has really entered men’s wardrobe in a big way in the last decade. 10 years no man would have thought carrying of  a pink tie or shirt with so much elan as the modern day man does.


Pink Trend

Earlier blue and black were considered male colors and pink a girls color. The pink and blue color coding is still popular among toddlers and new-born. You will find pink clothing, gifts and accessories and a blue clothing, gifts and accessories meant for baby girl and baby boy respectively. It would be not be an understatement if we said, that as far as babies are concerned we are rather old-fashioned and prefer to stick to the conventiontal color codes and norms. However, when it comes to adult fashion we are quite open to experimentation. Believe it or not black and blue is gradually being replaced by  pink, which was always considered to be a woman’s color. The color pink has been used over the years in men’s clothing extensively and with a lot of versatility. Pink has made room in the office space as well as board meetings. And it is an undeniable fact that men have really loved pink in this new look.


One can find a pink tie and formal light pink crisp linen or cotton shirt to wear for office. Similarly a fuchsia pink silk/raw silk tie is just perfect for a cocktail or any other party with that perfect suit. Casual blazers and shirts are available in a variety of pink and are a favorite among new age men. Pink is no more looked at as a girlish color. The perception of pink has changed from girlish to sophisticated and stylish. Different shades and hues of pink has been consistently used in mens fashion garments and accessories. Unlike the past, men today are sensitive and they do not mind showing their sensitive side to the world. They love pink  in its new form.


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