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Insane Wedding Dresses

toilet-paper-wedding-dresses-third-place Toilet Paper Wedding Dress This is for the bride who is very conscious about money and doesn’t want to spend too much on her wedding dress. If you look it from distance you can never recognize this dress is made of toilet paper. Cake_Wedding_Dress Cake Wedding Dress Cake wedding dress will solve two purposes. This dress will be your cake as well as your dress. Here you can easily save your money on cake. You can just cut your dress. This dress is ideal for the bride who likes to kill two birds with one stone. 59647338-550x550-1_lIo8G_37155

Condom Wedding Dress

This is for the bride who thinks of the future and wants to spend a good time with her husband without getting worried of being pregnant. For the bride who is really thinking ahead of future. crocheted-wedding-dress-2

Head-to-Toe Crocheted Wedding Dress

Crochet doesn’t allow you to move freely .So this dress is for the bride who thinks that “moving” and “gesturing” are overrated. exiest-Wedding-Dress1

Vagina Wedding Dress

You are a girl and you need to be proud about and the best way to do it is to get vagina wedding dress. For the bride who wants to celebrate herself. cupcake-wedding-dress Cupcake Wedding Dress This dress makes sure you will not stay hungry. Cupcake wedding dress is for the bride who knows she’ll need a snack. white_chocolate_label_wedding_dress

White Chocolate Wedding Dress

For the poor and misguided bride who believes that white chocolate still counts as real chocolate. balloon-wedding-gown_J7tTN_22975

Balloon Wedding Dress

For the bride who loved the movie Up and hates pointy objects. Be careful when you walk around you don’t want your dress to burst. unique-real-flowers-wedding-dress

Flower-Covered Wedding Dress

This will be a lovely and colorful dress but sadly flower-covered wedding dress can be worn only by the bride who doesn’t have any allergies. Summary Some women spend their whole young lives dreaming about the lace and tulle confection they’ll be wearing when dear old Dad walks them down the aisle, imagining a cascade of beautiful beads miles of silk and the picture-perfect veil and some women opt for weird and  insane wedding dresses.  Most wedding dresses are standard, white, smart, romantic and long, but there are some unusual wedding dresses which are strange and unique.]]>


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