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Innovative ideas to decorate the shared bedroom of your kids

153689865 Do it the ‘modern’ way: Every intelligent parent lets their kids express themselves through creative ways. Decorate the shared bedroom of your kids in a minimalistic way. Simple comfortable beds and neutral eggshell white or nude walls are perfectly modern. Stick to basic furniture and make sure that there is enough space for both the kids. Let them change their rooms and decorate it, as they want. Encourage the kids to make their own wall collages and help them decorate their side of the room by supplying the materials. Bright neon colors and hanging beds: If the ceiling of your kids’ bedroom has a slope then you can use it in a very unconventional yet creative way. Make the beds hang from the ceiling with strong chains. Take the help of professional to make the adjustments. You have to be careful about the hanging beds. Use good quality chains so that your kids never get hurt. You can paint the walls in soothing neutral shades but buy cushion covers, sofa set, rugs, blankets, pillows in bright hues like orange, bright yellow, fuchsia pink and red. 20-awesome-shared-bedroom-ideas-for-your-kids-1 Prove that three is not a crowd: If you have to decorate a single bedroom for three kids then you should be very cautious about using the limited space. Every kid requires some personal space to keep his or her belongings. Make sure there is storage space for each of your kids. Hanging beds with stairs can solve the space crisis. You can make wall mounted racks accessible from the hanging beds. Take their opinion: Decorate shared bedroom for your kids with their help. Ask them how they would like the room to look. They may like bunk beds with lots of chests and storage space. Ask them to decorate the part of the room that belongs to them. Help them in their DIY projects. Summary: Using the available space in the smartest way should be your prime concern while decorating the shared bedroom of your kids. There should be enough personal space for each kid. Let them choose decorative items on their own.]]>


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