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Individual transformation: The key to energy conservation

The possibility that generations of human beings 20 years hence would treasure petrol, natural gas and coal more carefully than gold or platinum is getting more and more closer to being a reality. Despite all the hue and cry for the need to save energy, we continue to remain woefully complacent about energy conservation. In pondering over the reason for the same, the only seemingly plausible answer is carelessness and laziness. Hence, the first step towards energy conservation should be transformation of the individual. If the individual becomes inherently careful in what he or she is doing and sheds laziness to take that extra step to switch off the bedroom lights before sleeping, the human race would go a very long way in conserving energy.

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Some of the easiest and very effective energy conservation tips you can follow by shedding the above said laziness and carelessness include:

  1. Switching off lights and fans whenever you leave a room or while sleeping
  2. Avoiding storage of very hot things in the refrigerator and waiting till they cool down.
  3. Installing solar energy water heaters to heat water instead of using electric geysers.
  4. Walking or cycling for shorter distances
  5. Car pooling or using public transport

Electrical energy

Switching off electrical appliances when not using them is something many people fail to do, just due to lack of diligence. A conscious effort from one to switch off equipments when not in use will culminate in a very large saving in terms of energy. Such conscious effort can be in the form of a simple sign taped on the switchboard to serve as a reminder to turn off the lights when leaving the room. Resourceful as we humans are, electrical appliance companies are today producing lights and fans that can automatically turn on or off based on the presence or absence of people in a room. Using such lights and fans is a smart way to become energy efficient.

Similarly, storing hot food and beverages in the refrigerator causes high consumption of electricity since the refrigerator has to work more to bring that extra heat down. A better idea would be to let the food cool down to room temperature first before placing it inside the refrigerator.

Wherever possible, people can look at the possibility of replacing electrical energy with solar energy. This can be done both in large establishments like hotels and in individual apartments. Nowadays, solar panels to fit the need of both large and small scale requirement are available. Since solar energy is something that is available throughout the day most of the days in a year, especially in tropical regions and is a renewable source of energy, this simple investment would lead to savings of millions of watts of electrical power.

Fuel energy

People get up early in the morning and jog or walk for miles to keep themselves fit. The same people get dressed and take out a car and drive off to work. Why not walk or cycle to work? A brisk walk to work will do people the same good as their morning walk, and more good than the morning sleep. Hence, just by shedding that lazy reluctance of mind, one can remain in the pink of health at the same time conserve tremendous amounts of energy for the future generations.

It is understandable that one cannot walk or cycle when one has to travel long distances. Which is why the concept of car pooling or using public transport is important. Not only would that save energy, it would also help bring about a sense of community among people. Instead of each person being boxed in isolation in separate cars, people can come together, mingle and share. Such mingling would drive out the monotony of the routine life and make every individual look forward to the day with enthusiasm.


“Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”. The tips discussed above may not seem to bring about a drastic change through practice by an individual. However, when everyone adopts these and other similar practices, the conserved energy would add up to a tremendous amount. And the more energy that can be save now, the better would be the condition of the planet that would get handed over to the future generations.

No matter how many laws are enforced to conserve energy, unless the individual realizes the gravity of the situation, they would only be perfunctory. A change in the outlook of every individual is the permanent solution to save earth’s energy resources.

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