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Incredible underwear designs for women

Incredible underwear designs for women Lobster-Bra

  • Lobster bra – This one is for all the ecoholics out there. As per the name, it is made of real lobster shells which are eco-friendly . Also the design makes it seem like a real –life lobster is hanging on your neck. Incredible and fun!
  • Gas Mask Bra – This one is surely whacked out. A bra designed like two gas masks on your breasts, complete with the gas pipes is sure to get all the attention they deserve. Just don’t display without prior warning.
  • Baseballs Gloves Bra – This bra looks like there are two hands grabbing your breasts, and those hands are wearing baseball gloves. This one is very creative and for a true baseball lover and fan!
  • Skull Bra – This one is a winner with all the creative elements wherein there are two skulls on your bra, complete with flowers on the sides. Nothing says R.I.P. about these.
  • Flowerpots Bra – Nothing says eco-friendly and nature lover like a bra with flowerpots in them. A bra designed to resemble two flowerpots and soil atop them. Surely incredible!
  • Fish Bra – This pair looks like you are wearing live fish, big ones at that! Dramatic and creative. Wear this and you are up for a performance.
  • Cherries Bra – IF you love red, cherries and are eco-friendly, try this out. This bra is made of real cherries and you can wear them and eat them in case you feel hungry. Crazy!
  • Buttons on your bra – When you are wearing this piece of underwear, you are sending out a loud and clear message of ‘Push my Buttons’. Creative and you can do it yourself at home. Fun way to make use of all those spare buttons that have fallen off the old clothes.
  • Cactus Bra – These look like there are two giant flower cactuses on your breasts. And they match with three flowers in pink on both sides. Funny and feisty.
  • Christmas Bra – With Christmas fast approaching, nothing celebrates the holiday season better by donning a bra in the same spirit of Christmas. This bra comes with the complete package of bells, mistletoe, ribbons and all other Christmas decorations.


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