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Incredible things done out of anger.

147739653 Incredible things done out of anger.

  • Stalk –  Ever got pissed at someone because that person would overtake you again and again to speed up? Well some people stalk just to teach these people a lesson and to scare them off by showing that that driver is being stalked. Weird and creepy.
  • Say stupid things – We might just blurt out the worst, meanest, weirdest thing when we are angry at someone. When we are angry we lose all sense of reason and just want to hurt the person who pissed us off really bad by saying whatever comes to our mind , even though we might not mean a thing of it. A lot of relationships have been spoiled because of this. Words once said cannot be taken back, after all.
  • Cry –  Even grown-up manliest of men do it. Weird as it may sound, when you are in a fight, regardless of whether you win or lose, you might end up crying. It is because of an overflow of emotions that overtake you when you are angry and the relief that comes in the form of tears is the body’s way of tackling it.
  • Throw things – We have all experienced this one time or the other. While some may be a little reasonable and throw only a few items that they do not value much, some people become so blinded by anger that they end up destroying expensive stuff like plasma screen television sets or laptops when they are angry. Some even destroy priceless memorabilia, which can never be fixed again.
  • Hit things –  Hitting things out of anger is also very common. We just want to let it out when we are angry and go for the first thing that comes into sight apart from a person. We might punch a hole in the wall or kick the wall real hard. This only ends up destroying a finger or breaking a foot .
  • Punch people – Many sweet-tempered people go berserk when they are angry and you never know what might come over them if angered. Some people are known to hit people and punch them in the faces as well if that person pissed them off for some reason.

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