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Incredible rituals of marriage that you did not know about

78726852 1.In Sweden, whenever the bride or the groom gets up and leaves the table to go to the bathroom , the one ( bride or the groom) who is left at the table is kissed by each of the members of the opposite sex who are sitting on the same table and vice versa. 2. In Sparta , women and brides- to –be shave off their heads and dress up like men , while waiting to be taken away by their prospective husbands. This ritual certainly is weird but shaving off the head is really  a courageous act. 137095208 3.In France, after the wedding ceremony is over, the friends of the bride and groom collect all the trash that is left behind  and put it in a toilet bowl. They make the bride and the groom eat from this toilet bowl. This is done to ward off any evil spirits. Nowadays the trash has been  replaced by chocolates. But still it has to be eaten from the toilet bowl. 4.In Ireland, the bride while dancing on the wedding day cannot lift her feet up and must firmly keep it on  the ground. It is believed that on the wedding day any bride looks as beautiful as a fairy and therefore if she lifts her feet up she might be taken away by the fairies . Not only this the devil  too can get attracted towards the bride and lift her up. 82635944 5.The concept of best – man in a wedding originated in Germany. Since a large number of women were not available of all the bachelors, it became a trend to kidnap a girl of their choice with the help of a trusted  aide or confidante. This person later was approved as the best- man . Now weddings are not complete without a best man. 6.In Scotland, the bride is covered with extremely bad smelling things like decaying fruits, eggs, weird sauces, molasses and flour . Whatever might be  the ingredient used, it must make her smelly and sticky. Later the bride is tied to a tree. Our world is full of such strange rituals.]]>

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