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Incredible phobias you will not believe exist

Incredible phobias you will not believe exist 4570941100_83758be7bb_z

  • Chorophobia – Recall those grooms who just dread the fact of performing the wedding dance at their weddings, more than the wedding itself. It might be possible that they are suffering from Chorophobia, the irrational fear of dancing, especially at public events because they are so scared that they might end up embarassing themselves or are just uncomfortabe while dancing in the first place. Although this fear might seem a bit endearing since you might think the person is shy but extreme fear might make such a person stop taking part in social events which have the slightest possibility of a dance in which thi peron might have to take part in.
  • Scopophobia – Some people are more than just shy to step put in public, they dread it . Because some suffer from scopophobia which makes the person suffering from it trying their level best not to be stared at. Scopophobics have the extreme fear of drawing attention to themselves and een if they do go out in public tend to cover their faces . This fear might be a cause of former trauma in which the person had to face ridicule and rejection , mainly because they look different from the others in some way.
  • Spectrophobia – Incredible as it may sound, spectrophobia is an extreme fear of mirrors so much so that the victim is scared of looking at the mirror at their own reflection at times or fear of mirrors itself. The basis of the fear might be because of traumatic experiences where the person has believed that he or she saw some ghostly apparition in the mirror or some spirit and are thus scared to experience it for a second time. It might also be aroused because of watching too many horror movies in which similar events take place.
  • Chrometophobia – This is a strange fear when it comes to human beings who are known to be greedy and love money. Chrometophobia is the extreme fear of excessie money. This fear is so strange that it might even seem ridiculous. Theorists say that perhaps this phobia must have originated in the fear of money carrying germs around since they go through a lot of other people’s hands. Victims prefer dealing with credit cards in this and thus should not be confused with the fear of getting rich.


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