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Incredible Houdini–The man the world was awed by

Harry Houdini[/caption] Harry Houdini is one of the worldwide popular stunt performers in the history of art. He is well known for his amazing magic tricks and escape plans. Harry Houdini performed may acts and magic tricks publicly and soon became one of the best magicians of this world. Most of his stunts, magic tricks and escape plans are still known for their uniqueness. Today also, this great magician is awed by a lot of people from different corners of the world. Harry Houdini, with the actual name on his birth certificate as Erik Weisz, was born on 24th March, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary. At the age of four, he shifted to the United States of America along with his family. Houdini started his career at the age of 10 and he performed a trapeze act in front of the local audience after which he was given the nickname, “Ehrich, the Prince of the air”. Erik Weisz started performing his magic tricks and various stunts publicly at the age of 20. As soon as he started his professional career, he changed his name to Harry Houdini in order to reflect the two major influences of his life. “Harry” was taken from Harry Kellar, one of the famous American stage magicians of his times and “Houdini” referred to the great French Magician, Robert Houdin. Erik Weisz created his new name as a tribute to these two star magicians. Houdini started performing amazing magic tricks and stunts in front of the local audience of US and in the year 1983 his professional career met with a little success. Soon, he married Bess Rehner who served him as his stage assistant for the rest of his life. It is a fact that one point of his professional career, Harry Houdini became disillusioned with his lack of success. He tried a lot of magic tricks, escape plans and stunts in order to grab the attention of the famous stunt performers and stage magicians of the world. In the year 1989, Harry Houdini met with Martin Beck and got a big break for his professional career. Martin Beck booked Harry Houdini and allowed him to perform the famous handcuff act. After the rocking performance of this handcuff act at the Orpheum Vaudeville Circuit, he started gaining popularity from all across the globe. The amazing abilities of Harry Houdini soon spread by and in the year 1990, he got a chance to perform his famous handcuff act and many other magic tricks and escape plans in front of the American as well as European audience. This renowned stunt performer in the history of arts is also known as “The Handcuff King”. Some of the most popular magic tricks of Harry Houdini include strait jackets, handcuffs act and sealed milk can stunt. The Handcuff Escape          The Handcuff Escape The daily mirror handcuff escape is one of the worldwide popular and notable tricks by Harry Houdini. This trick actually resulted from the challenge that was issued to this great magician by the London Daily Mirror. The newspaper actually challenged this stunt performer to set him free from a special type of handcuffs. It took almost five years to create those handcuffs and Harry Houdini performed this escape stunt in front of 4000 audience members. More than 100 journalists were present at the venue to witness the escape event by Houdini. According to the reports, Harry Houdini took almost one hour and ten minutes to set himself free from those handcuffs and he also stated this act as one of the most difficult escapes of his life. Many people believe that his wife and the stage assistant, Bess Rehner went to kiss Houdini on stage and slipped him the handcuff’s key. However, the full sized replica model of this special handcuff and the key is present at the Houdini museum for public display. Straight jacket suspension     Straight jacket suspension Straight jacket suspension is also one of the most escape stunts by Harry Houdini. This great magician was strapped into a straight jacket and he was suspended from the tall building by his ankles. The great magician performed this escape stunt in front of thousands of people. It took only two minutes and thirty seven seconds for Houdini to escape from the straight jacket. This famous escape stunt was also performed by Houdini at the famous Sheffield’s Empire theatre of US.    Water filled milk can escape Water filled milk can escape This escape stunt was originally planned by Harry Houdini and it was brought up in front of the audience in the year 1908. In this escape stunt, Harry was handcuffed and he was sealed inside a large water filled milk can. Harry performed this stunt behind the curtains so that other people could not learn his trick. Well, all these stunts and escape plans actually made harry Houdini, one of the greatest magician of his times.  ]]>

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