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Incredible Haunting tales which are Too Good to Ignore

Waverly Hills Sanitorium

Waverly Hills Sanitorium: This had been a 20th century hospital for tuberculosis that still stands looming on the soil of Kentucky in the United States. It was said that the hospital witnessed as many as 63,000 deaths during a time when the disease was plaguing the country. But the high number of deaths was presumed to be negligence and mistreatment along with experimental procedures which led to many criticisms and questions. Thermal imaging cameras set inside the building captured a 3feet tall figure supposedly the apparition of a little boy Tim who was walking in the hall. Other than this people have cringed on hearing screams, disembodied voices, footsteps and what not all pointing to the presence of some sinister beings inside.

Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

Banff Springs Hotel, Canada: The exotic, grand hotel lying amidst the scenic surroundings in Alberta lures many to take refuge under it. But they do not do so knowing it is one of the eeriest places on earth. People have seen apparition of a bride who had met with death after falling from staircase down and consequently broken her neck. The ghost was seen several times going down the staircase, dancing in the ballroom and even having fire that caught the tail of her bridal attire. Not to speak of the bellman Sam Macauley who had been serving the hotel during the 1960s and 70s and still lends out his helping hand to the guests of the hotel.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion

Disney’s Haunted Mansion: The Haunted Mansion that you see today alluring children and adults, of course with the exception of those who have had a heart disease, flock to it to enjoy the eerie sensations inside the palatial grounds. But did you know according to tales revolving around the Mansion some people had actually died at the Mansion out of fear and consequent heart attack? Well, whether this is true or not, nobody can say for sure. But the fact that Disney took out all its eerie paraphernalia from the mansion can be evidence enough of the truth of the incident.]]>


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