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Chinese nail houses: Chinese government has always been termed as stubborn and hell-bent when it comes to growth and infrastructural development. When Homeowner Luo Baogen refused to take the money offered by the government to vacate his house in order for them to build a new road, their house was left alone as a tiny mount in the midst of the asphalt.A couple Wu Ping and Yang Wu, refused to sell their property to the government in 2007, to build a shopping mall. The rigid government dug land surrounding their house into a massive pit, with no straight land surrounding their house. Wu and Yang became celebrities as the issue of the “nail houses” or homes in the way of other projects is a contentious issue in China. Yang also hung a Chinese flag on his roof mentioning the slogan of ‘No violation to the legal private property’. There is another case where builders created an artificial river surrounding residents of a town who weren’t ready to compromise their property to build an office. o Building fences to portray hate Many a time’s fences are constructed to display hatred towards someone. Railroad investor Charles Crocker in 1876 built fences to show hatred towards his non wealthy neighbor, Nicholas Yung. Crocker built up a complete city block fence in order to persuade Yung to give away some property that Crocker was interested in. The fence forced Yung to leave the land, but, he didn’t sell it off to Crocker. Neither he nor his wife sold it off till death. However, after their death, the relatives sold off the entire land, but an earthquake destroyed the whole infrastructure after some years. DWPKF The advent of Lamborghini Hatred doesn’t always lead to destruction. It sometimes also gives rise to constructive thinking. The advent of Lamborghini is one such hate story turned successful. Tractor builder Ferrucio Lamborghini built up the whole car series as a protest to Enzo Ferrari with the simple intention to show him down and not turn it into profitable business. KPDwf 700 year old dispute for a stolen bucket A conflict between Bologna and Modena, the Italian cities in 1300 continued for 700 long years for a miniscule reason of a stolen bucket. It began with Modenese defeating Bologna in a sporting event and by stealing a bucket. It was marked as trophy which still exists. Summary People often do strange things, and can be very adamant on pushing their point and demands. These stories show uncompromising people, who would rather go through some trouble, rather than giving up on their ideas.]]>


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