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Incredible facts about soccer you didn’t know

147701402 Incredible facts about soccer you didn’t know

  • Soccer originated from a prison – Soccer was developed in London’s famous Newgate Prison in the early 1800s. Crimes like theft had the thieves’ hands cut off and thus the inmates had to come up with a sport  which even the ones without hands could play. This is how soccer originated.
  • What the panels on a ball signify – You will find that there are 32 panels on a traditional soccer ball, which represents each country in Europe.
  • The original name of soccer was basketball – The game is known as “soccer” in the United States, but everywhere else a ‘football’. However the game’s original name was actually “basket-ball” because the first goals were overturned wicker baskets in place of present days’ nets.
  • Why the soccer field is called a pitch – A soccer field is called a “pitch” because every regulation field is pitched or sloped 5 degrees upwards from one end of the field to the other.
  • Pele means ‘six feet‘ – Brazilian soccer legend Pelé was born Edson Arantes do Nascimento. He took up the nickname Pelé, a Brazilian Portuguese word which means “six feet,” since he was born with six toes on each foot.
  • Humble beginnings  for players – The first American professional soccer league, the USSA, played from 1919 to 1921 and paid its players 35-cents for every goal scored.
  • The original World Cup was made of papier-mâché, but it had to be changed after the heavy rains of the 1950 World Cup which made it impossible to be played with.
  • Soccer balls are not spheres – Soccer balls are oval-shaped and not spheres. But the checkered board pattern on the balls creates an illusion of the balls being perfect squares.
  • Soccer royalty – Queen Elizabeth II was a natural athlete and, dressed in disguise, was a frequent participant in pickup up soccer matches near Buckingham Palace in her teenage years in the late 1930s and early ’40s.
  • Gory beginnings – Until 1908, soccer balls were made from the inflated stomach tissue of executed Irish prisoners.
  • National Sport of Canada- This is an incredible fact that out of so many countries soccer is the national sport of Canada.


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