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Incredible facts about clowns you didn’t know

3669474121_fffe38f84b_z Incredible facts about clowns you didn’t know

  • Egyptians were the first ones to introduce clowns- Even though you will never believe it, Egyptians were actually the first when it comes to clowns . Clowns were first introduced in the Fifth Dynasty ( about 2500BC) but were thought to be pygmies.
  • Clowns have their own laws – There are several versions of the clowns’ laws and are known as The Clown’s Code, A Clown’s Code of Ethics or The Clown’s Commandments whicj consist of around eight to ten rules that must be followed by each member.
  • Fear of Clowns – You are not the only one and it is perfectly alright to be afraid of clowns. A lot of people do suffer from it. The extreme fear of clown is known as Coulrophobia and it is believed to have been derived from the Greek word ‘kolon’ which roughly translates to ‘stilt-walker’.
  • Uncle Sam’ was modelled and inspired after a clown – This is one fact that is totally incredible. It is  fact that the portrait of Uncle Sam was derived from inspiration and modelled after a 19th century clown called Dan Rice. Surely something to be proud of. But no clue as to why they chose a clown for the job.
  • Rodeo Clowning is no joke – A rodeo clown’s job is to protect bullfighters and riders. And contrary to what you may think rodeo clowning is ranked to be the eighth most dangerous job in the United States.
  • ‘Joey’ is a common name for a clown – Clowns usually have names and ‘Joey’ is a very popular choice when it comes to clown names. Clowns, when they perform in duos, perform in a Joey & Auguste framework or Manipulator/ Victim. The same principle applies to real life policemen in their line of duty who act as good cop- bad cop.
  • A group of clowns – A group of clowns is known as a ‘Clown Alley’.
  • The color blue is considered unlucky for a clown – A common superstition that most clowns follow is that when you paint your face blue, it will bring you bad luck. Perhaps it is beacuse of the fact that blue is supposed to bring calmness or is the symbolic color for sadness and melancholy.


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