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sob13a Chronograph: A chronograph allows the watch to display elapsed time, in addition to the time of day, in a prearranged manner. This includes a second hand that may be started and stopped at will as well as sub-dials to make for easy viewing. A key example of a chronograph is the Tag Heuer Carrera, formerly used to time professional races on the F1 circuit. Stay away from chunky rotating bezels which, when combined with the chrono, makes it too casual. ebel-classic-hexagon-retrograde-power-reserve-watch Power reserve: A power reserve is a visual hint of how much power remains in the watch’s movement. These are very useful in manually wound watches, as no rotor exists to mechanically wind the movement. Many watches now have power reserve displays, but Panerai’s Luminor150 is perhaps one of the best examples. ZEN_PILOT_GMT_AMB01-960x8851 GMT: Named after the global time zone scale, a GMT snag is now known as a tool that displays a second time zone or a 24-hour scale on a mechanical wristwatch. The GMT watch was invented by Rolex in the 1950s when Pan American Airlines needed a watch for its international pilots. The Rolex GMT still sets the bar to this day, but there are many other GMT options out there. 3998Jfiltsmall Dress watch: A dress watch is classically very thin, uncomplicated and on a leather strap. This is the type of watch you wear to formal events like weddings, and even on job interviews. This watch is not to be worn with jeans and a T-shirt. A good example of a dress watch is the new Piaget Altiplano. It will make you so regal and add that touch of sophistication needed for important events. Never don it to a casual event and expose it to wear and tear. IW358002 Sport watch: While the line is getting blurrier each year, a sport watch is typically rather chunky, features either a metal or rubber strap, and often features one or more complications; chronographs are very popular in this category. While some sport watches may be worn with a suit during the day, it’s best to not take chances and keep the sport watches for your casual outfits. A typical sport watch looks like the IWC Aquatimer, which is a diving watch with a chronograph.]]>


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