Improve and Update your Home’s Entrance

The entrance to your home is extremely important – it gives your visitors a snapshot impression of your home and lifestyle, and is something that you and your family use daily. The appearance of your home’s entrance is also vital in terms of curb appeal when considering selling your property, as it is the thing that will draw potential buyers in.

Therefore, if your front door and entrance is looking a little tired and could do with a much-needed update, we’ve compiled a list of a few great ideas to get you inspired.

Make sure it is safe and well-lit

Safety is of course very important and is an aspect that should not be neglected when considering updating your entrance. Ensure that all plants are trimmed regularly to avoid causing a tripping hazard on the path, and check the paving system that leads to your door to evaluate whether it needs replacing due to being uneven or dangerous. Outdoor lights are also a good idea for keeping your visitors safe, especially if you live in a more rural area, or have a very large driveway/pathway.


Rethink your front door

The front door is the main feature of your home’s exterior and is something that is used or seen daily by a number of people. Therefore, if you were going to update one thing, it should definitely be this. If you’re after something really different and unusual, why not choose a set of double doors? Double doors from Anglian Home and other great companies are growing ever more popular due to their inviting appeal, and for practicality reasons as they offer a wider opening into your home. You can opt for decorative glass or window panels in the doors too, to make them even more personal to you, too.

Provide your visitors with some shelter

There’s nothing worse than waiting ages for someone to answer the door whilst it’s raining, or fumbling for ages for your keys in the bottom of your bag as the heavens open. A ‘door roof’ or awning is a great feature of any exterior that you and your guests will no doubt be really grateful of during the not-so-desirable winter months.


Add some personality

The exterior of your home should give your visitors and neighbours an idea about your home and your personality, so feel free to be creative and inject some life into your home’s entranceway. Anything from decorative lamps to potted plants and welcome mats can all be really appealing and will give your entrance a burst of your personality. Use colours that accentuate and work with the rest of the key elements of your exterior, such as the brickwork of your house and the colour of the front door. Door furniture is a great, attractive feature that can really draw attention to the door further. Also, a main part of any home exterior is of the course the house’s door number. You can find really attractive house numbers now to suit both modern and traditional homes.

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