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Importance of Kindergarten in a child’s growth

Some basics mentioned below can turn out to be good learning lessons for your child: lkl Reading: Kindergarten programs teach a child how to read. Many a times, kids grasp it at the first instance, while many times it becomes difficult for a child to understand words. Some show amazing reading skills in their first few days of the program. However, one thing you must know that all kids, slowly or quickly learn to read words. smlf “I can do it” feeling: Kindergarten programs teach a child to be self independent and self sufficient. Till a child reaches kindergarten, it is the parents or the guardians who help them complete their daily chores. However, programs like kindergarten instill a “I can do it” ability in the child. It might seem boring or mundane for you, but it is a really important achievement for the child, who till now had to depend on others for everything. oi Team work: Before a kid reaches kindergarten, team work always meant playing, sharing something or eating together. However, in kindergarten team work means working towards a common goal. The child learns the positive aspect of team work, like achieving more, less individual work etc. Moreover, it develops a quality of adjusting and sharing while the work is done. Many kids shy from sharing their thoughts or simply talking to their class mates. Simple projects can make the kid more confident and less shy. child in kindergarten Understanding the Outside World: Till a child reaches kindergarten, his world is limited to his house, his family and his playground. However, when the child learns geography, science etc his/her world expands in his mind. It is the first scientific exposure of the child to the world outside. A combination of all these skills is the foundation of the child’s education. Preschool Understanding Numerals: Pre-schools teach the meaning of numbers to kids. They teach the difference between letters and words. A kid also learns to count. However, understanding them begins in kindergarten. The child understands why and where numbers are used. He/she also understands which numbers are essential for our everyday life, for example, 911 represent the police etc. Basics such as addition, subtraction etc also is thought in kindergarten. Summary: The right kindergarten program is a vital stepping stone of your child’s growth and development.]]>


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