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Ideas for choosing solar lights for the outdoors

2412665486_27c6c0c4e3_z Solar Lighting Benefits Solar lighting is becoming an increasingly popular concept with modern houses because it is environmentally friendly, helps save on energy bills and there are a great number of designs and a large variety of lighting is available in different price ranges. Outdoor solar lights are much easier to install than the traditional wired lights, altogether they are easy and safe to handle and can be relocated without much fuss. How it Works Solar lights capture the sun’s heat all day long using photovoltaic cells, which are converted into energy to power the lights after sunset. They have LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs, which require less power and last ten times longer than the regular incandescent bulbs. It does not require any wiring and there are super-bright LED bulbs that produce light without wasting heat. There are three primary solar light categories-

  • Path lights
  • Decorative accent lights
  • Spotlights
outdoor-solar-lights Decorative Accent Solar Powered Lights These are commonly used for outdoor lighting and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. It is not used to intensely illuminate objects or pathways but provide soft lights to highlight shrubberies and low hedges. High-quality accent lights can last up to days with a single day of sunlight charge. Solar Powered Spot Light These serve the same purpose as any other spotlight by providing focus light to particular areas. They are particularly useful for outside doorways or dark areas around the yard. If you are looking for accentuating particular areas of the garden, then the spotlight is the best option. The disadvantage of solar powered spotlights is that they consume a lot of energy and often have cords attaching them to a solar panel. Path Solar Lights As the name suggests, these are good for lighting paths, driveway perimeters and walkways. They are mostly staked and are to be stuck into the ground, another option is to hang them from trees or poles or strung on wires. Summary: Irrespective of the purpose, you need lighting for, solar outdoor lights can be used and they perform just as well or better than the regular outdoor lighting options.]]>


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