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Hydrogen Ethanol Combustion system to replace petrol


Due to the high prices of oil, one needs to find the alternative to petrol in future. Many engineers are working on it and some of them have succeeded. Recently four students of the Mohandas College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram have developed a Hydrogen Ethanol Combustion system (HECS), which is an alternative fuel system to do away with petrol. It took two months for the system to develop completely. The development of this system will help to increase the economy of India. The main aim of developing this system was to replace the fossil fuel as the system has high-energy content and delivers high output without compromising on efficiency.

The fuel is made with the combination of hydrogen and ethanol, which has high octane rating allowing it to work at various air fuel proportions. In addition to this, the fuel uses ethanol and brown mixture. The main challenges of HECS were the low calorific value of ethanol, explosive nature of hydrogen and the supply of fuel mixtures.

The design specialty of the system is it uses the combination of liquid and gaseous fuel at the same time. The vehicle equipped with this system can run either on petrol or on ethanol without affecting the efficiency.


Other alternative to petrol

Green petrol: Scientists at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in the US have created green petrol, which is made from plant matter with no carbon footprint. The green petrol is made from sustainable biomass sources like switch grass and poplar tree. Huber developed the green petrol and according to him, it will take 5 to 10 years for it to arrive at the pumps.

Liquefied propane gas (LPGs): It is the cleanest fuel and is cheaper than petrol and biodiesel. In addition to this, LPG produces less CO2 emissions and is not harmful to the car engine. In USA, there are 1500 petrol stations, which offer LPG, and in coming years, the number is likely to increase.

Natural Gas and Propane: By using natural gas or propane, it will help to increase the durability of the car engine and will positively influence the environment.

Electric: The electric cars are the environmental friendly cars, as they produce no pollution and increase the range of hybrids.

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