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How to use Ipe wood outside your home

Ipe-deck-2This type of wood provides longevity. Ipe wood is also resistant to general insects that affect and damage wood like termite. Due to its sturdiness and the durability, the Ipe wood is considered the best choice for making boardwalks. It is also used for various different purposes indoors and outdoors. Both commercial and residential things are made with the help of this type of wood. Ipe-deck-porch-stairsMany experts consider that Ipe wood is almost as hard as steel. It is definitely harder than the teak wood. There is a test, which determines the strength of different types of woods called the Janka Test. According to the results of this test, the Ipe wood is 350% harder than the teak we normally use. Another characteristic feature of the Ipe wood is its weight. The teak wood is 40% lighter than the Ipe wood. Its high density makes it float above water. IpeHotTubReducedAlong with termite and water, the Ipe wood is considerably fire resistant. Its fire resistance is almost equal to steel and concrete. Most other woods will burn down before the Ipe wood gets damaged. The surface of Ipe cannot be scratched easily. You can utilize Ipe wood for outdoor decking and flooring. The surface of Ipe wood is almost completely scratch resistant and gives a smooth, neat finish. Ipe deck with Ipe railing system and built-in Ipe benchesThe Ipe wood is more eco-friendly than other woods due to its non-toxic nature. It will last you for over 25 years without causing any trouble. That is why it is the popular material for sidewalks. Coloring ipe wood is difficult because most commercial colors contain tannin and high amounts of oil. Ipe wood looks good when you use dark colors and oil separately on it. Summary:  Ipe wood can be utilized to make different outdoor structures. It is one of the sturdiest materials available for making decks and sidewalks. It will last for a very long period.]]>


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