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How to select the color of roofing shingles

Metal-Shingles-Roof Consider your climate: Choosing the right color will keep you away from paying for huge bills, as roof color controls the temperature of your attic. White shingles help cool the house and dark shingles help warm the house and melt ice. white_shingles3 Consider the color of other elements like bricks, wooden siding, stone or stucco: Dark gray or black shingles work well with a house that is either gray or blue. A brown or mix of cream and brown roofing shingles can be used if one has a brown, cream or tan colored house. If you like the traditional look, you can consider using dark grey or black on a white house. If you house has either green and red or yellow color, then you are very lucky, as such homes give you more flexibility when it comes to choosing the color of the shingle. You can use brown, gray or black. Camelot_San_Gabriel_Photo_1 Think of the general statement to be made by your house: Neutral colors are safe and stay stylish for many years. They ensure a good resale value. Such colors include tans, creams, brown, blacks, grays and clays. For those who like to get trending, they should think about using color combinations, such as a palate of various tones of brown or a mixture of blues, blacks and grays. modern-house-roof-shingles-red-color Look around the neighborhood: Check with the neighborhood association to ensure that your choice does not break their rules. You do not also want to replicate your neighbor’s choice. metal-roof Accentuate the architectural style of your home: Homes made with a Spanish style look good with reddish clay-colored roof shingles that mimic traditional clay roofing tiles.On the hand a casual ranch house might look good with a combination of colors. moderne-slate-001 Consider the roofing: Materials such as clay tiles are traditionally shades of red or tan. Natural thin layers of slate can be used for roofing material, but this type of material is quite expensive and colors are limited to those found in nature. Summary At a closer look, you should make the following considerations, climate, general statement to be made by your house, neighborhood, home design and the roofing material to be used, before buying roofing shingles. One should also ensure that he/she is comfortable with the choice of his color.]]>


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