How to reuse wine bottles at home

The empty and lifeless wine bottles that lie around the house can be put into use in numerous ways. Most of the time, these are sent to the recycling center. However, you will be surprised to know that these can be reused to make brilliant objects of home decor and utility. Just bring in a little bit of creativity. Read on to know more about these brilliant DIY tips!

Bottles to glasses

Cut the chosen wine bottle in the required size by following the steps below. When cut in the shape of the glass, you can either decorate it the way you want or get it etched from the local sand blaster. If you do not have access to the local sand blaster then you can even think of spray painting the glass. Here is how you can cut them at home. Follow the steps below:

a. Take the empty wine bottle and clean it in every possible way.

b. Now, with the help of the scoring tool that you brought from your nearby craft shop make a consistent scoring line around the bottle.

c. Once you have scored a line at predetermined size, light the candle to heat the bottle at the scored mark. Heat the bottle for around one minute and then pour cold water on it. You will have to repeat the process until the bottle suddenly breaks.

Bottles to vases

You can either use the wine bottle in its form and add some flowers to it or cut the wine bottle to fit in the larger bouquet. Wine bottle vases will surely look nice.

Bottles to cheese tray/plate

a. Clean the wine bottle in every possible way.

b. Now, place the bottle in the glass fusing kiln, which you can buy from the market or borrow if you think the investment is not worth it.

c. Fire the bottle in the kiln by using the schedule: Ramp ºF/Hr target temperature hold for 500 1100 10, 250 1300 0, AFAP 1475 10 (watch for slump), AFAP 960 30 and 150 750 0.

d. By now, the bottle should have melted to form the shape of the tray. Let the glass cool down and later you can decorate the tray in any way that you want.

e. If you think the procedure is too complicated, as I think so too, then you can buy these cheese trays from the market at a very reasonable prices.

Bottles to lighting: Twinkle light

These lights look so nice. Of course, you can create these at home. All you need is string of Christmas lights, empty wine bottle and drill. You can follow the steps here.

Bottles to lighting: Tiki torch

This torch, which can be installed indoors and outdoors alike. And, these will add such an old world charm to your home. You can follow the steps here.

Bottles to lighting: Wine bottle lamps

In this case, some vintage wine bottles will look better in place of the normal ones. You can follow the steps here.

Bottles to lighting: Wine bottle chandelier

You can even call this suspension lights with a difference. Wine bottles look really nice hanging from the ceiling. You can follow the steps here.

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