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How to make a roof truss

Roof-and-trusses Designing roof truss  A roof truss should have a good design, as faulty structural component undermines even the most professional installations. Your roof truss is expected to provide support for both dead and live loads that will be on the roof. This will require adequate support at its ends. If you are working on a small-scale project, the best building material for trusses is sawn lumber. This is because materials that one would think of, such as dimension lumber or engineered woods like plywood, are not available in the sizes and lengths necessary to build a solid truss. Before building any roof truss, you should have in mind that it will have a horizontal lower chord and two angled upper chords that follow the roofline. These chords should be connected by the web members, with the orientation to form triangles. You should consider using the same size of lumber for each member. Here is the step-by-step design of the roofs: roof-design-attic-roof-truss-design-save-valuable-roof-truss-design-1024x768 Saw the truss members to size: This comes after one has designed the truss. One is required to see that each component is of the required size. The lower cord may be made of two pieces joining at the midspan. shed-roof-truss-design-5 Lay the truss members out on the ground: Lay all the chord and web members cut to size flat on the ground to pick up the truss form. Ensure that all edges fit snugly and saw off any additional length. 356-roof-truss-design Use metal gusset plates to secure the joints: Take each nail plate such that they cover each point. Ensure that the plates cover each component equally. Hammer each nail plate until the teeth are fully driven into the joints and the plate sits on the flush against the lumber. Turn the entire truss and repeat the same process on the other side. wooden-roof-truss-design-4 Install the roof trusses: Once you are through with the above, lift the trusses up into place. Set them onto the top plates of the exterior walls. Toenail them into the top plate to secure them, and then make sure they are braced laterally using blocking or long purlins. Summary: When building a roof truss, ensure that you have gone through the following steps, sawing the truss members to size, using metal gusset plates to secure the joints and installing the roof trusses.]]>


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