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How to design a perfect patio and deck

Decks were formerly designed in simple rectangular shape with few chairs and a pot, but have now converted into modern and stylish areas that provide a house with added space where a number of activities can be performed. From being rain proof to containing cooking facilities, decks and patios are an important area of the house that add to its beauty. Explore this article to design the deck and patio that you desire. contemporary-deck While designing the deck or patio it is necessary that you do it considering your lifestyle. Doing this would surely ensure that your patio and deck add to the value of your house more than anything else. It is important to determine the purpose of the space and how elaborate you would you’re your finished patio and deck. The floor size is an important factor that needs consideration when it comes to designing your patio or deck. The current trend is to have a large floor area as it also helps in reducing the efforts required for mowing by reducing the space for lawn. A deck can be built to have multi-levels, walls or even a pergola to add a bit of privacy and built-in space for extra storage and seating facilities. contemporary-deck (1) You can increase the warmth of your patio by adding a fireplace and some amount of beautiful lighting. This would make your outdoor time even more enjoyable. A deck is a place for children to let loose and have fun. Therefore, it is essential to make arrangement for their safety by building safety walls. This will prevent them falling even if they are toddlers. With the permission from the HOA, you can design additional features in your patio and deck like those with foundations. Although there are certain safety precautions to be followed, it’s worth having an enchanting outdoor area. Patio-And-Deck-Designs It is important to know whether the patio is going to be an addition to the house or a freestanding structure, about its foundations and type of flooring, its direction and type of walls. Summary: The shape you desire for your deck and patio will depend on the shape and position of your house. A well planned and well designed patio and deck area will add both, comfort and beauty to your time spent outdoor and will increase the value of your house.]]>


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