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How to decorate your home like an Italian Villa

Thinking of decorating your home like an Italian Villa? Here are some design elements you would need to incorporate into your plans, in order to get the elegant Old World Charm of an Italian Villa.


The Foundation

Start with the basics, the foundation. Italian architecture is known for its historic elegance. So opt for wood beamed ceilings, plaster/dentil moldings, wooden planking, tile/limestone floors, stone/stucco walls, brick hearths and a mosaic bath.  You can order the items from a home improvement store or opt for faux versions like fake bricks or stones to get the look.


The Paint

Italian villas contain rich and bold colors like red, golden yellow and ochre. The painting also follows a patterned approach, and is mostly applied to the frescos and stucco walls. So give a bold color to these areas and use stenciling, ragging and sponging techniques to give the same a mottled texture.

dex chandelier

The Lighting

Lighting fixtures would play an important role in your Italian Villa. Hang a chandelier in the foyer and large, rustic lamps in the rooms. You can also opt for modern light fixtures that would be made of Murano glass of chrome. Additional lighting options like crystal sconces and candelabra type lights can be used around the home as illuminating art pieces.


The Furniture

Opt for heavy, Spanish style furniture pieces that come with curlicue embellishments. Leather sectionals with chrome legs would add a sleeker, more modern appearance to the room. Chairs with high backs and wrought iron garden tables can give a country style look. Kitchen chairs with tall, ladder-backs can also give that Italian look to the room. Opt for standalone cupboards and storage wardrobes instead of built in closets and cabinets.


The Decorative Items

Thick velvet curtains would do for winters while light floral patterns would work well for summers. Use Persian rugs and silk tapestries to give the rooms a vibrant, yet elegant touch. Opt for gilt framed mirrors, glasses or wine racks placed above a weathered commode, oil painting of ancestors on walls, windows with wrought iron frames, plates hung on walls, wooden/marble bowls and the quintessential Italianate angel carved into the stone.


If you want to make your home look like an Italian villa, here are some of the quintessential design elements you would need to incorporate into it. Remember; keep it simple, elegant and clutter free. And make sure you select the right décor items to highlight the arrangements.


Dr Prem Jagyasi

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