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How to choose the right turfs for your garden

turf-laying-cutting The Grass on the Turf You have to decide upon the type of grass mix for your lawn or garden by blending different types of grass, having varied properties and advantages. You can decide the turf based on it use as well, for instance if you have children or pets at home who are likely to ply on the lawn, you would like grass that will not be easily damaged. Further, you can choose lawn based on low or moderate maintenance required as per your requirement. Based on following factors you can pick your turf –

  • The look you want to create in your lawn or garden
  • Your budget
  • The usage condition in your lawn or garden
  • How much time do you have to care for it?
  • The conditions in your garden
DogGrassAfterFieldTurf Garden Conditions The garden condition delves into the soil type, if the turf is growing on clay or any water-retentive soil, it will look lush. However, if the same grass is cut and laid on a sandy turf, then its appearance will change, as sandy soil does not retain much water. Soil conditions are important decisive factor to assess the life of the turf. Further, you have to take into consideration drainage and shade to assess how well the lawn will thrive. Before laying the turf, it is best to check for insect or fungal infestation and get a weed-free guarantee from the supplier.  Also, opt for suppliers who make delivery within 24 hours so that the turf remains fresh while it is being laid. turf2 Opting for a Turf There are many pros to opting for a lawn turn instead of laying the seeds –
  • Once the lawn is laid, trimmed and watered, it is ready with a charming and lush appearance
  • The joints will be knit and the turf will be ready to walk on in a week’s time
  • If the soil is good, then the lawn will last you and year at least
Once the lawn has been laid, add a scattering of general-purpose fertilizer to ensure that the lawn continues to grow nicely. Summary: Looking for garden turf to enhance the beauty of your courtyard, you need to consider different aspects to choose the right one for your garden.]]>


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