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How to choose the right frame for your bed


  • You should buy a frame that fits your space and possible leave room for other stuff.
  • A frame that can match your height and weight is always advisable to create balance even while you are asleep.
  • The make, material as well as the quality of the frame matters.
  • Shipping and handling can damage frames even before they get to their destination, so be sure to pick a design that can easily be shipped and assembled.
  • The quality and dimension of our mattress should be duly considered, especially its weight and thickness.
ab8857cfe101e36e75bdd9fb7343e0cf Shopping for a bed frame can be tricky and it is paramount not to be carried away by the array of choices. Some parameters define what obtains when embarking on this venture. The first thing to consider is your budget. You will want to work within your budget and funds available. Also, choose your space taking into consideration, the dimensions of your crib or bed space.  If you live in a single bed apartment, it is not wise to buy a frame that will take up much of the space. Even if you have several rooms, the dimension of the frame still matters because it has to fit in such a way that there will be ease of movement in and around the room. Where space is not a problem, you will have to consider your height, weight and size, but most importantly is your weight and size. Most frames are made of wood and or metal. You would do well to buy a frame that can support your body mass and still retain its balance. Frames made out of cheap wood and materials are susceptible to damage. Therefore, the quality and durability of the frame is of great importance. The bed frame should be able to support the volume and weight of the mattress as well as that of the user. 439365-58225-46 Make a choice based on the other stuff in the room where the bed frame will be placed. Buy a bed frame with drawers and cabinets underneath for easy storage of other stuff in order to minimize clutter and tardiness.  You should be able to sit on the bed and your legs touch the ground, a bed frame where you are suspended unduly can be misleading and result in accidents. If it’s for a couple, it should have qualities that match their budget, taste, style and space. They should buy frames that can support both their weights and provide the necessary body posture balance while sleeping. Bad frames can lead to fatigue couple with pain in the back and neck area. Bed frames for kids should be of the best quality and durable.  Double bed frames should be safe and have barricades; frames with a bookshelf directly above them are not exactly encouraged for anyone. Summary Balance is key factor when it comes to shopping for a new bed frame. Frames that make many squeaky noises should be avoided, as this may be an indication of invisible imperfections.]]>


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