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How to choose a Video Surveillance System for your home

ComboUnit_DskVw_1000x1000-600x600 Wireless Surveillance or Wired Surveillance Security is the prime concern these days, because crimes are increasing in the world day by day. There are two types of CCTV Cameras available in the market, one is the latest wireless technology and another is conventional wired technology. Choosing between these two technologies is quite difficult, unless the buyer knows the goods and bads of both the technologies. Wireless cameras are easier to install because they are easy to bend without breaking. The biggest advantage of wireless cameras to the homeowners is that they do not require chaotic wiring. Whereas wired cameras are more costly and require professional installation. However, you need not to worry about signal interference and these systems cannot be hacked remotely. VideoSurveillance2 Where to install cameras How many cameras you need to install in your home or office depends on the size of your house and office. Personal security has become a major part not only for richer but also for the middle class families. The most common place to set up a camera is the main entry or exit point because most of the people that come to your office or home have to pass that point and thus come under surveillance. gxv3672_right Remote Access If you use computer, laptop or Smartphone and want to receive the footage of your camera wherever you go, just enable the remote access and you will get all the updates through your camera. Night Cameras If you want to monitor your place 24 x 7 then you should use infrared cameras, which capture the videos even when there is no light present. Analog Cameras Vs Digital Cameras Analog cameras use old technologies while digital cameras are latest ones. Analog cameras uses analog signals to send the videos to DVR, on the other, digital cameras use digital signals for the same. Digital cameras are of higher resolution as compare to analog cameras. Summary: Now you can find CCTV cameras everywhere, including homes, offices and streets, as they play a major role in security. These cameras record live videos and are useful in reducing the criminal activities.]]>


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