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How to make glass shelves

Glass shelves make for very attractive alternative to wood shelving as they add a touch of translucent elegance to the room. There are two types of glass, namely tempered glass and safety glass which can be used for shelves. These are considered relatively safer than regular glass which can be dangerous when it breaks. Here are simple instructions on how you can make your own glass shelving unit at home.

How to make glass shelves

Difficulty level

Moderately challenging

Time required

One hour

Resources required

a. Safety glasses.

b. Measuring tape.

c. Gloves.

d. Shelf frame or support.

Estimate cost

Depends on the glass being used


1. First decide the location where you want to put the shelves up and how they will be supported.

2. Measure the exact size in order to determine what size the glass shelves should be.

3. As for the support of the glass shelves, you could use free standing wood and metal legs or braces that can be screwed into the wall.

4. Decide the shape of the glass shelf as they come in arched edge, rectangular and oval edge for the front while the back have straight cut edge.

5. Next, decide on how you want the edges to look as they come in various forms, such as sanded edge for more safety. Some others have pencil edge, beveled edge, plain edge and flat edge.

6. Depending on the kind of items you want to place on the shelves, you can determine the thickness of the glass accordingly. Generally three quarter inch thickness is the most commonly recommended.

7. Next, install the shelving support by following the manual.

8. Remove glass from packaging, clean out with moist cloth, remove the corner shields and put them up.

Frequently asked questions

a. How will I handle the glass?

Always wear gloves when you are handling glass and be careful to leave on the corner protective shields until you put them up.

b. How much would glass cost?

The cost depends on the quality and the kind of tinting or shades that you require.

Quick tips

a. Always get in touch with a class company so you can have an idea of what to choose by referring to their pattern specifications and quotations.

b. Glass is also available in other shades like bronze and tinting but they are costlier.

Things to watch out for

a. Never attempt to cut the tempered glass as it will shatter. Always do the necessary change of shape and size of the glass cutting before it is tempered.

b. Tempered glass should not be scratched as this will weakened it and cause breakage.

c. Never leave the glasses lying around where there are children.

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