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How to fix a broken floor tile

How to fix a broken floor tile

When the tiles are properly installed, they last for a lifetime. Still, there are many things that can spoil or damage a tile. And once the tiles get cracked or broken, there is possibly no way to get it repaired. However, in order to fix a broken tile, it becomes essential to remove and replace it with a new tile. Though, this procedure in not too difficult but it requires your little time, tools and patience.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time required: Time required depends upon the skill and basic knowledge of the person


1. Replacement tile

2. Grout saw

3. Grout

4. Hammer and nail set

5. Tile adhesive

6. Grout float

7. Glass cutter

8. Chisel

9. Notched trowel

10. Work gloves


1. Get prepared and find a matching tile that can be replaced with the broken one. Make sure to purchase a tile that matches the color, style and texture of other tiles in the room.

2. With the help of a grout saw, get rid of the grout surrounding the broken tile.

3. Put on your working gloves and smack the center of the tile with a hammer and nail set. Keep smacking it till you create a hole in it but be sure that you don’t damage the flooring beneath it.

4. With the help of a glass cutter, score an X across the tile. Afterward, use hammer and chisel to break the tile and pry up the pieces.

5. Clean the area and throw away the tile remains. Now with the help of notched trowel, apply an even coat of tile adhesive on the base of the new tile.

6. Quickly set down the new tile on the floor and apply gentle pressure on it with the help of your hands. Make sure to keep a considerate amount of distance between the other tiles.

7. Let the tile dry completely for an overnight. Later, apply the grout with the help of a grout float and clear away extra grout with a damp cloth or sponge.

Quick tips

1. It very important to be patient in order to avoid damaging the other floor tiles.

2. You can even seal the new tile with the help of a tile sealer.

Things to watch out for

You should be extra cautious when fixing the broken floor tile. It is advisable to wear safety glasses while fixing a floor tile.

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