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Guide your children for safer social media interaction

After the invention of social media networking, children are living in the virtual world with modern lifestyle making it difficult for the parents to interact and involve in the activities of their kids. Social media is reducing parent child interaction and at the same time making it difficult for parents to help their kids understand the value of safety and privacy on the internet.

Looking at the present situation, many experts say that parents have to leave the old fashion strategy and keep an eye on the sites and networks the children are visiting for their safety and sanity. If the parents are getting worried about the safety of their children, then they must adapt the digital plan. Living in the 21st century with all new technology and internet it will be senseless to put a ban on the usage of internet.

When it comes to the digital plan, then the parents must know which sites the children are visiting such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and to whom they are communicating. A parent must understand all the privacy issue related to the site for example, Facebook. Apart from that, the easy way is to be friend with your child on Facebook or you can always make sure that your child is using the internet in a safe way.

The whole transparency between the communication of parents and kids will help in keeping the sexual predators at bay. These heinous sexual predators are always looking for children and follow them. The online social media tells about the exact location of your child as many photo upload show the exact location, so switch off the phone geotagging service for safety.

All the information posted on the internet will remain like that, leaving the cyber footprints. Parents must educate their children that whatever they do online remain online forever. Inappropriate messages about someone close or classmates, obscene photographs and very private information about one’s life must not be shared on the internet because no matter how many times you delete it would still be online. Once you push the button, there is no going back.

Parents must learn all about the social networking and new sites the children are visiting on a daily basis. They must know what they are communicating online and to whom they are talking. Always keep the computer at a place which is very much communal. The only way to protect children from any threat is to talk to them as communication is very important.

Every parent to ensure that their children are safe when they interact on social media must follow these steps. After all, prevention is better than cure!


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