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Greenwoks self- sufficing modular plant wall

plant wall
Keeping in mind the serene quality of plants, Greenwoks has come up with modular mobile plant wall. Presented at ICFF, this piece of artwork designed by Lisa Wacklin is a conveyor of health, bringing with it an aura of well being. Its construction allows for dense growth of plants whereby bringing with it boost of oxygen. In addition to its aesthetic quality, it helps reduce headaches, difficulties in concentrating, allergies, weariness and dry skin.

Main features:
Multifarious in functionality, it’s useful as a room divider- standing alone or modulated. What makes it user friendly and unique from traditional pots is its self-automated watering and nutrition system. It consists of two panels, where front panel unlocks itself, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

plant wall 2
With changing lifestyle, people have started spending more time indoors in comparison to outdoors. Plants tend to affect humans both physically and psychologically. Plants improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants and stabilizing humidity levels. Color green is a symbol of harmony and trust, which makes our environment healthy. So, what can be a perfect alternative to enhance ones health than bringing nature to your home?

Via: Inhabitat

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