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Green Jeans and how this is changing the face of today’s fashion?

Going green is a good benefit to the environment. Some people may recycle plastic, glass, paper and metals but many never stop to think how fiber industry plays a role in our go green society. The world’s most popular clothing item could also be the most eco-friendly. That is right, blue jeans are going green or at least that is the hope of one Brazilian manufacturer.


The Rio based company, Tristar, recently revealed their new line of environmentally conscious jeans. Not only are the jeans made entirely of organic cotton, the way they’re cleaned is also a friendly nod to nature. Instead of using a wasteful washing-machine to clean these jeans, all you have to do is toss them in the freezer. All it takes to kill the bacteria is 24 hours in the freezer.

If the jeans do get stained or are particularly dirty, they can be washed with more conventional techniques. But in addition to the unorthodox method of freezing, the jeans are completely reversible, which will extend the time between cleanings.

The company is careful to be as sustainable in its production as the jeans they are producing. All the cotton is organically grown in Brazil on a plantation that uses no water or pesticides. Despite efforts put into making their jeans sustainable, the company believes that fashion and comfort will be their selling-point. The result is a beautiful piece, and totally comfortable jeans. The repeated thawing of the frozen jeans helps soften the fibers and become more form-fitting.

Another company which is going for green jeans is Dirtball. Dirtball CEO Joe Fox brags that the jeans are eco-friendly since they’re made out of recycled water bottles and cotton. He estimates that with every 100,000 pairs of jeans made, Dirtball which also makes shirts, hoodies, socks, polos and shorts saves about 900,000 water bottles from being dumped into landfills.

The bottles are first gathered together and taken to a processing plant to be washed, de-labeled, and ground into flake-like squares. Those squares are then melted, separated by color, and eventually put through a giant spaghetti stringer-like machine that yields the ideal shape and size material. Around eight to 10 recycled bottles go into each pair of jeans, making up almost a third of the material used.

By buying these green jeans you will be doing good to yourself and to the environment too.

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