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Global warming effacing Sierra conifers at twice the previous rate

sierra trees dying faster due to warming

The Sierra Nevada is considerably falling prey to the ‘climate change’ demon, with the temperatures rising and precipitation lowering. This is turn, is disrupting the regions ecosystem, visibly killing the regions characteristic conifer trees.

Although, the 400-mile-long range has in the past amazingly endured dry spells, but the trees of the region are now, more likely to die in a similar condition! The conifer trees in the region are dying at a rate; nearly double that of two decades ago.

Thanks to the new effects challenging their existence – global warming. Yes, global warming, after all its powerful spells across the world, is now conspiring against the Sierra forests’ survival.

Unlike some trees that have grown faster in other parts of the U.S., the opposite is found to be true in the Sierra, to the researchers’ surprise.

Phillip van Mantgem, an ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey and author of the report said,

What surprised us are how sensitive these trees are to short-term changes in climate. That was kind of a shock.

What is awaiting the surprises is the future of the Sierra’s conifer trees. If the prevailing trend continues, the global warming-monster may gorge the whole of the ‘400-mile’ Sierra Nevada characteristics soon.


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