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Get The Look: Pink-themed bedroom for your Princess

pink colored bedroom

When it comes to choosing the shade for your lovely princess, you know the right shade to spruce up her room. No doubt, pink is the shade adorned by every girl, and so happens to be the popular color among the girls. Every girl dreams of the charming princess shade in their lovely small castle. The color known for its Barbie effect soothes and calms emotions, is a timeless color that evokes a room that is soft, feminine, playful and cozy.

The look

The pink shade comes in various shades, from pastels to brighter. Make the right choice and shade your girl would love to see in her room.

Wall: One of the best ways to get the pink in the rooms is using the making use of pink paint. The shade comes in wide range to please the right one you want.

Bed covers: The next things that can highlight the room are the bed covers. The selected shade of the bed cover affects the room appearance greatly. A lighter or a deeper shade makes the room go varied, the choice depends on your princess what shade she likes to be cuddled with.

Curtains: Don’t be afraid to choose the pink shade for the curtains. Just opt for the shade that will make the room look elegant. Go for a medium, soft shade that is not too loud, as the loud shade gets difficult to match with.

Furniture: The wardrobes, vanities, armoires, the doors and everything else can be used in different shades of pink and with the other color combination.

Give it a shot

It’s not only the pink shade solely that you can use in your girl’s room. Combing the shade with others offers various awesome designs.

• A combination of pink and white makes for the most classic girly look. One can choose the combination in the room in different ways. A generous helping of white gives the feeling of light and airy.
• Pink and brown creates a luxurious and delectable look. The delicate innocence and feminine grace of pink when amalgamated with stronger, richer stability of chocolate brown, nothing can beat the luxurious style.
• For brighter and energetic style, a combination of hot pink and green can make the room go lively.
• Besides the color combo, one can also opt for pink and brown polka dots, pink and brown stripes, pink and brown flowers, pink and brown plaid & paisley, and even pink and brown window-sticking photo dots. Also having 1-2 walls covered with designer pattern and rest of them colored in neutral tones is the best idea.

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