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Get rid of wiry mess by pluggin in the Plug socket

If you are a sucker for snug and non-flashy devices, then this one is nearly hand crafted for you. Conceptualized by Xie Chen Chen, the three in one plug Socket acts as a multiplug that condenses the space filled up by three separate outlets into one.

Flaunting a three pronged Chinese socket in the center front and two dual prongs on the top, Plug socket appreciably fits into any mode. Infact, what stands out in this Plug Socket is that it pays heed to even small nuances that the other in its ilk fails to deliver. Like while charging up the mobile phone, normally one has to resort by placing the cell phone on the ground or have to dig for a support table, but the Plug socket hands over an option of resting the hand phone on the outlet clinged to the socket. It also boasts of a cable-tidying shelf, wherein one can coil up the power line safely.

Furthermore, unlike other multi-plug cords, a big switch in the main hole does not clogs the corresponding plugs as the self-adjusting angle takes cares of it on its own. Undoubtedly, Multiplug reminds me of a popular saying as it goes- “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, but in this case it’s all about expediency!

Via: Yanko Design

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