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Four most wacky products invented for your home

We have seen our share of wacky home products in the market. However, some of these take the meaning of “wacky” to an altogether different level. Here are some of the wackiest yet clever products ever invented for your home.


The Flatshare Learn to Share Fridge

Don’t like when others invade your personal space in the refrigerator or steal your goodies when you are away, then opt for this learn to share fridge, a wacky invention designed to provide individual refrigerator spaces for everyone in the family.

Called Flatshare, this modular fridge is a brilliant concept and won the Electrolux 2008 Design Lab Contest. It consists of 4 separate compartments that can be mounted onto a single stand to function as a common fridge. The individual compartments can be customized with various colors to make them differentiable. Each compartment comes with a separate lock that only the owner can open. Now consider the scenario wherein you are sharing a flat with some friends. Each of you can have a separate compartment and keep whatever you want in it without worrying about someone poking in or stealing. When you decide to move out, you can simply remove your compartment from the console and take it to your new residence.


The Automower Mow Bot

Here is a design that would have homeowners heave a big sigh of relief. The Automower mow bot is a concept designed and developed by Husqvarana with the sole purpose of mowing your lawn no matter how hot, cold, wet or dry it is outside.

The Automower has been designed to work with minimal human interaction and can cut the grass at random patterns, working its way carefully around the yard and between boundary wires. When it has mowed the lawn, it shuts down automatically and returns back to the charging mode. It can also handle lawns on hilly areas, provided the incline is less than 35 degrees.


The Washing Machine/Toilet

The Washing Machine/Toilet offers clever idea to reuse the water that comes out of the washing machine after every load. Debuted in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition in 2008, this washing machine/toilet comes with a washing machine mounted atop a toilet. The washing machine stores the drained water after every wash cycle. The water thus stored is then used to flush the toilet below it. Good for space constrained homes that respect green living, although you need to be extra careful when removing the laundry from the machine, lest they fall into the toilet below.

It brings couples closer together and conserves our water supply all with one flush. The TwoDaLoo

The TwoDaLoo Codependent’s Commode

Here is a unique, wacky way to save water. Considered to be the world’s first ever two-seater toilet, the TwoDaLoo comes with side by side commodes that can be either flushed independently or together with one flush which would save up to 2.6 gallons of water. However, if you are worried about privacy, need not to worry anymore. The design comes with a privacy wall, iPod docking stations and even an LCD television screen to keep you occupied while you go about your business.


We have come across some of the wackiest home products in recent times. These products may appear unusual from the outskirt, but they also offer some creative solutions to meet your everyday requirements.

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